'Side Effects' is a documentary project about the complex relationship between humans and nature. The photos were shot either from a paraglider or a gyroplane, some 150 meters above the ground, mainly in the area around Gdynia, in Poland, where I live. I try to find the answers to questions that deeply interest me: What is the natural environment for humans? Is it an untouched, virgin landscape? Or is it a landscape that has changed, adapted to human/our needs?

I try to find a graphic and sometimes abstract portrait of how civilization came into being. For me, the content of the photo is less important than the reactions, reflections, and ideas that arise when looking at it. I would like the project to be a starting point for discussion about what is good or bad, necessary or optional, in the relationship between humans and nature.

The camera is never connected to a remote control, and in this project I never uses a drone. I want to be up there, flying alone with camera in my hand. That means I don't have to explain anything, or rely on another person’s spatial imagination. I can fly precisely.

Side Effects is more a method of visual storytelling than a concrete set of pictures. It was  taken in 2008-2015 in Poland. Side Effects was exhibited in NYC, Moscow, Vienna, Gdynia, Warsaw and may other places, was awarded by World Press Photo, 2nd prize in 2015.

Side Effects project was published in 2014 in a photobook. Over 80 photographs are on the ovn 132 pages book design by Edgar Bąk, and edit byAgnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka. More HERE

project by F11 Studio